A fiesta in a fragrance!
A fiesta in a fragrance!
A fiesta in a fragrance!

Our Story

The Coco Loco Brand

We’re Coco Loco Candles and we make handcrafted candles and complimentary scented products.

Based in South Wales, each and every one of our items are made by hand, ensuring unique and defined results capture the culture of a fiesta in a fragrance.

Our Ethos

We strongly believe you should always have a strong scent from a candle – If you don’t, that’s simply not good enough.

We pride ourselves on using high quality fragrance oil and wax to achieve the best scent throw. We only work with cruelty free fragrances that have not been tested on animals, and each of our candles are hand-poured with distinct love and personality.

What We Provide

We strive to provide our customers with a varied selection of scents that will meet each individual’s preference.

We offer a range of different scents, some which create a calm zone that is stress free in your busy family home. Other scents may trigger nostalgic moments and others that uplift a room ready for a fiesta!  Each scented candle fills any room with a strong, fun fragrance which we like to say is a fiesta in a fragrance.